AMIRI ouvre un showroom à Paris avec Make It Happen !

Showroom Amiri Paris

AMIRI has been seducing Californian streetwear fashion fans since 2014 drawing his inspiration from the punk movement and Hollywood world, two essential components of designer Mike Amiri’s childhood. AMIRI chose Make It Happen to organize his showroom in Paris.

AMIRI, the favourite scene of all-Los Angeles

With a turnover of around $ 50 million, AMIRI has already established himself on the US market. His denim jackets, motorbike jackets, jeans and graphic Ts have already won the favour of Los Angeles luxury customers and Hollywood stars. The brand objective now is to become known internationally. Being present in Paris is a must for this quest.

A Parisian showroom for AMIRI

AMIRI wants to test the French market by opening a showroom in Paris and making himself known to buyers working on behalf of stores and multi-brand labels. For 10 days, the AMIRI showroom will attempt to dazzle a demanding BtoB clientele in constant search of novelties. Offering something new in a saturated market of proposals is a challenge for AMIRI, nevertheless he hopes to conquer French buyers by presenting some beautiful unique pieces. Discovering a high-end American brand, unknown in Europe until now, should be persuasion enough.

Showrooms, food for brand storytelling

This Parisian showroom will contribute to the AMIRI image, who intends to establish himself as the new luxury brand, urban and trendy, appealing to customers who appreciate beautiful clothes and luxurious materials. The brand will be presenting some of its must-have pieces, already highly appreciated by its American clientele, like a stunning python perfecto or « Bandana Boots », cowboy boots festooned with the renowned cowboy scarf.

Mike AMIRI, a mix between vintage and craftsmanship

Mike AMIRI draws his inspiration from his personal vintage wardrobe, and uses craftsmanship to reinterpret all the west-coast classics he likes so much. One of his favourite pieces is an aged leather perfecto jacket, hand-made and painted, an exceptional piece from his last collection. The AMIRI showroom will undoubtable be truly enticing and a must for the BtoB clientele of the luxury ready-to-wear industry.

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