5 good reasons to launch a pop-up store


A true commercial phenomenon these recent years, ephemeral stores appeal to an audience in search of new buying experiences and can adapt flexibly to your objectives. Make It Happen gives you 5 good reasons to open a pop-up store ringing the colors of your brand.

An ephemeral store, a physical presence

Being physically present is a way to get to know your customers, an essential step for pure players, those brands present only on digital media. But opening a classic store requires heavy investment, which often forces brands to give up their project. But why deny yourself a physical presence when you can open an ephemeral store? A pop-up store requires a small investment up to 80 times cheaper compared to a traditional store. Numbers are sometimes louder than words!

Pop-up stores to test a market

Pop-up stores are a great way to test a place before settling. Opening an ephemeral store allows you to access the clientele you’re looking for, test a market or certain types of products. This is a particularly to the point option for foreign brands hoping to settle down in France. Opening a pop-up store in the neighborhood of their choice allows them to their project to the test and make the right decisions based on success.

Pop-up stores, a unique experience limited in time

Customers are all big kids; they love beautiful stories. Pop-stores are the ideal screenwriting tool to stimulate imagination and offer a unique shopping experience. The ephemeral nature of a pop-up store injects a notion of urgency. Buying a product goes well beyond a simple purchase, it’s taking advantage of a unique opportunity that won’t represent itself again, a very rewarding approach for the customer.

Increase sales with a seasonal pop-up store

A swimsuit brand will always be more successful as the summer holidays approach than in the heart of winter. If you sell highly seasonal products, a pop-up store allows you to maximize your sales by meeting your customers when they want to buy your products. Pop-up stores also allow you to gain visibility during the best purchasing periods: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, back to school, etc., and take full advantage of these peaks in consumption.

Open a pop-up store during Fashion Week

Pop-up stores allow you to take full advantage of major events, such as Fashion Week for the world of fashion. Opening an ephemeral store during this period allows a brand to gain visibility with key players in the sector such as buyers and journalists in particular.

Whatever your goal, Make It Happen helps you design your next pop-up store in Paris. Trust the Parisian event specialist with a human face with Make It Happen!



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