AMIRI opens a showroom in Paris with Make It Happen!

Showroom Amiri Paris

AMIRI has been seducing Californian streetwear fashion lovers since 2014 drawing his inspiration from the punk movement and Hollywood scene, two essential components from designer Mike Amiri’s childhood. AMIRI chose Make It Happen to organize his showroom in Paris.

AMIRI, the favourite scene of all-Los Angeles

With a turnover of around $ 50 million, AMIRI has already established himself in the US market. His denim jackets, motorbike jackets, jeans and graphic Ts have already won the favour of Los Angeles luxury customers and Hollywood stars. The brand’s objective now is to become known internationally. Being present in Paris is a must for this quest.

A Parisian showroom for AMIRI

By opening a showroom in Paris, AMIRI wants to gain visibility with French clientele and test the French market. The showcase is designed to appeal to a demanding clientele, fashion and novelty enthusiasts. The discovery of a high-end American brand, still unknown in Europe, should be an incredible experience, a way to satisfy their desires by completing their wardrobes with some beautiful unprecedented pieces.

A showroom in Paris to attract international customers

The high tourism appeal of the capital makes it a unique place for all of today’s fashion industry players. Opening a showroom in Paris, allows AMIRI to make himself known to foreign visitors, especially those who are used to doing their fashion shopping in Paris.

Showrooms, food for brand storytelling

With this Parisian showroom, AMIRI will be able to surround himself with trendy brands and work on his image, a luxury, urban and trendy designer label, appealing to a clientele who appreciates beautiful pieces and stunning materials. Among them, some key pieces, much appreciated by the American clientele, should attract the attention of some Parisian customers, a stunning python leather perfecto jacket or the “Bandana Boots”, cowboy boots festooned with the famous cowboy scarf.
Mike AMIRI, a mixture of vintage and craftwork
Mike AMIRI finds his inspiration in his personal vintage wardrobe, and uses craftsmanship to reinterpret all the west-coast classics he likes so much. One of his favourite pieces is an aged leather perfecto jacket, hand-worked and hand painted, an exceptional piece from his last collection. The AMIRI showroom promises to be very attractive and a must-see for all who love fashion!

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