Ephemeral stores, why do we like them so much?


Set up in city centres for several days or weeks, ephemeral stores and pop-up stores attract customers looking for a new way to buy. Designed to share a unique experience and experience pleasure of discovery, they have little time to seduce, but are likely to mark the imagination for a long time.

Ephemeral stores, a whole new world

Entering an ephemeral shop means discovering new urban territory. Located in atypical venues, these stores often offer an amazing decor and allow a meticulous staging of products. Customers appreciate seeing the brand they love showcased in an unusual environment. The theatrics of the offer contribute to the success of ephemeral stores. They are also true research laboratories for commercial innovation. Iconoclastic and inventive objects, their horizons are only limited to the creativity of their designers. Provoking surprise, wonder, sharing new experiences, inciting new emotions, discovering private label brands …, pop-up stores offer a wide range of amazing proposals to conceive other ways of consuming, acclaimed by customers.

Ephemeral stores against commercial offer standardization

The gradual disappearance of independent trade has helped to standardize commercial offers. Customers tend to get bored looking at shop windows, curiously similar, offering only highly standardized products. Ephemeral stores respond perfectly to the expectations of these customers, who already have everything and no longer need anything, and who simply want to be… dazzled. Pop-up stores are the innovative UFO the customer has been waiting for to make the shopping experience exciting again. Reshaped into an urban explorer, enjoying this new and surprising phenomenon, arousing their curiosity and reactivating their purchasing pleasure: ephemeral stores.

Pop-up stores rely on the “one of a kind” effect

The fleeting aspect of pop-up stores reinforces their appeal. They offer the chance to seize a unique offer, which will not be presented again, saved for a group of targeted consumers. The privilege concept is truly an element aimed at making pop-up stores attractive, because it transforms the ordinary customer into a VIP, the centre of attention. Customers are ready to accept constraints that would normally seem unbearable, because they’re certain of experiencing something unique. There are sometimes long queues in front of ephemeral stores. Not only does this constraint become acceptable, but it also gives a sense of rarity and privilege. The customer accepts it willingly, because he believes the reward will measure up to the efforts made.

A great Parisian institution creates its ephemeral store

In the spring of 2017, the Paris Opera organized a sale of stage costumes in a storage warehouse. Access to the ephemeral store was paid for by reservation. On site, customers had to wait quietly in line, before entering the ephemeral store. These constraints didn’t discourage the ample amount of visitors, who rushed to participate in the event throughout the weekend. The impression of experiencing something unique, saved only for a selection of handpicked customers, merely increased their pleasure to take part…

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