Fashion and luxury at the heart of autumn events 2018

Les journées particulières LVMH

Two fashion linked events will leave their mark this autumn 2018. In September, Heritage Days, a French event that is always highly anticipated by the French, will be an opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the Grand Palais, well known to Parisians, and a favourite spot for Chanel fashion shows. In October, luxury will be in the spotlight with the “Journées Particulières” LVMH or “Special Days”, organized in different locations in France and abroad.

A very Parisian event, Heritage Days at the Grand Palais

Like every year, the Grand Palais will open its doors to a wide audience for Heritage Days. The venue has been chosen to present their collections several times by major fashion houses, among them: Dries Van Noten, Armani, Hermes, Elie Saab or Yves Saint Laurent. The Chanel fashion house, for its part has set up in the nave of the Grand Palais, where its shows have been organized since 2006 under the leadership of Karl Lagerfeld, its artistic director. The sheer enormity of the nave seems tailor made for the spectacular stagings of the Chanel shows. Haute Couture fashion shows are always important moments for Make It Happen who hosts lots of major brands’ showrooms in exceptional locations during Fashion Week.

The Chanel fashion shows at the Grand Palais, always highly anticipated events

Karl Lagerfeld is very fond of the place, which he discovered as a child at a motor show. His highly anticipated stagings are intended to constantly amaze and astonish the audience. Over the seasons, the audience of handpicked guests have seen graceful models emerging from a monumental jacket, a giant jewellery carousel on which some of the brand’s emblematic accessories were spinning, a rocket, very realistic re-enactments of Place Vendôme, a French garden or a forest. Heritage Days will be an opportunity to rediscover the venue that served as a backdrop for all these stagings. Be there, the Grand Palais on September 15th and 16th 2018, for the 35th edition of Heritage Days.

Luxury in the spotlight with the Journées Particulières LVMH

Since 2011, the Journées Particulières LVMH are an opportunity to discover the know-how of the artisans who work within the group. Each year, the various houses of the LVMH group highlight the professions they call upon for their prestigious projects. The fashion sector, core business of the luxury industry, uses the dexterity of seamstresses, bootmakers, “malletiers”, watchmakers, jewellers … Guided tours, lectures, demonstrations and interactive tours will allow the public to immerse themselves into the world of these high-flying artisans. These venues include the Dior shows on Avenue Montaigne, the Louis Vuitton workshops in Asnières, the Chaumet shows at Place Vendôme, the Berluti custom made shoe workshop. Other locations representing the group’s other business segments will also be open to the public, in France and abroad: Hennessy in Cognac, Guerlain in Orphin, Louis Vuitton in Drôme, Acqua Di Parma in Italy, Zenith watchmakers, TAG Heuer and Hublot in Switzerland … What could make for a better occasion for a European tour of the LVMH Group’s trades of excellence. On October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2018, the Journées Particulières LVMH will bring together 55 houses in 76 locations in 13 different countries. 

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