How to promote a pop-up store on social networks?


Social networks are already well integrated in brand communication. When opening a pop-up store, they can be used to increase the reach of the event to a targeted audience. Make It Happen offers you some useful levers to promote an ephemeral store on social networks.

Influencers, powerful allies to amplify the reach of a pop-up store

By developing partnerships with influencers, you can take advantage of their notoriety to bring greater visibility to your pop-up store. The fashion blogosphere has many influencers, who will be the efficient broadcasters of your event on social networks. The success of this type of partnership relies heavily on the choice of the influencer, whose image and values should be as close as possible to those of your brand. That’s the condition that will allow you to reach a qualified target, which can itself serve as a broadcaster for your social media communication. The idea is to create a dynamic, which, once set up, will generate the expected snowball effect.

Promote a pop-up store with a teaser campaign on social networks

Teasing is a marketing tool to use before opening your pop-up store. It consists of amplifying the scope of your event with a series of social posts to create suspense, which won’t be revealed until the opening of the ephemeral store. Step by step, you intrigue prospects, retain their focus until the opening of the pop-up store.

For example, you could make a video showing preparations for the store opening, interview a celebrity who is sponsoring your event, give a small glimpse of the products that will be presented, etc. Anything that can arouse the curiosity of your audience can be put into the teaser, the goal is to make your pop-up store sufficiently desirable for customers to want to get up and see.

Create a hashtag dedicated to the opening of the ephemeral store

By creating a specific hashtag for the opening of your store and joining it to all your digital and physical media, you can significantly improve visibility. Hashtags let the public access all the digital communication around the event, easily find practical information, and overall strengthen the cohesion of your social media community.

Hashtags are a useful tool for ensuring an effective social network watch, by accessing all the comments circulating about your pop-up store, before, during, and after its organization. This option allows you to make any necessary adjustments to organize or promote the pop-up store, depending on customer requests or reactions, and all this throughout its duration. After it closes you can continue to follow customer reactions and learn useful lessons for the organization of your next ephemeral stores.

Your social media communication after closing the pop-up store

After closing the pop-up store, you can still make use of the visibility it has provided and continue raking in the benefits. Photos, videos and an account of the event can be published for this purpose on social networks, and will be the proof of the pop-up store’s success. The content will also allow those who weren’t present to check out everything they missed. This should make them want to jot down your next event, don’t forget to set the date and broadcast it on social networks, immediately after closing your ephemeral store.

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