Masayuki Ino wins the 2018 LVMH award


Organized for the fifth year in a row, the LVMH has just awarded Masayuki Ino, Japanese creator of the Doublet brand. This victory rewards him the sum of 300,000 euros, making it the highest rewarded fashion prize. It’s also an opportunity to take a closer look at the work of the young designer.

The LVMH award, a beautiful reward for Masayuki Ino

The age limit being set at 40 years for participants in the competition, it was a close call for Masayuki Ino, born in 1979. He was chosen among the nine finalists of the 2018 LVMH Award, slipping past some of the most promising talents: Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey (Loverboy), American Matthew Adams Dolan, and British designer Samuel Ross (A-Cold- Wall).

The 2018 LVMH Award, a vintage of high quality

The finalists of the 2018 LVMH Award had set the bar very high. Quality highlighted by Delphine Arnault, Deputy General Manager of Louis Vuitton, who was behind the microphone at the award ceremony. As a result, it’s a very good batch, bringing together the most talented international figures of the fashion world. This year, the quality of the candidates made the choice difficult, which led LVMH to create a Special Prize, with a 150,000 euros reward, awarded to Korean designer Rok Hwang for his women’s line Rokh.

Masayuki Ino and his Doublet brand

Masayuki Ino studied at the Tokyo Fashion Academy and worked as a designer for the Mihara Yasuhiro house, before launching his own brand, Doublet, in 2012. After winning several prizes in Japan, the fashion designer participated in the Autumn-Winter Fashion Week – Tokyo in 2017 for the first time.

The Masayuki Ino style, conceptual fashion

The designer offers a reinterpretation of basic clothing in both a chic and punk style. He follows unisex fashion trends, popping up everywhere at the moment, offering a line of loose fit and comfortable clothing, blending Japanese patterns and neon colours, in a decidedly unconventional spirit.

In just a few years, the LVMH Award has become a highly competitive competition. 4000 candidates submitted a file to participate this year. The high reward available is most certainly behind this phenomenon, but the reputation of the jury is another strong argument in its favour. Whatever the case, the LVMH Award is now one of the most prestigious fashion contests in Europe, able to compete with Hyères Andam or the British Fashion Council!

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