Permanent or temporary shop ?


These days, the brands try by all means to get the attention of their potential new buyers. Customer retention, priceless advertisements, social media events… Whatever works to boost their future client’s confidence, so they can buy more. Lately a new trend has appeared: the temporary shop (or pop-up store), as opposed to the permanent shop. But what is the best way to attract new customers? Here are the pros and cons of choosing a permanent or a temporary shop.

Permanent shop: the benefits and limitations

Usually the first thing that comes in mind when spoken about clothing, decoration or leatherwork shops is the permanent store that has been existing in your street for 15 to 20 years. This shop has its own and loyal customers that have been shopping there for years. Thus, the brand is totally in line with its environment.

The first advantage of a permanent shop is that it quickly becomes a key shopping point in a street. You have the time to bond with your customers that will progressively become regulars. In a permanent shop, you can also keep your collections longer if they were successful among your buyers.

Nevertheless, the permanent shop also present some disadvantages, such as the business goodwill that can be outrageously expensive in some cities. Also, you need to be patient when you own a permanent shop: some days can seem very long, especially when the place is almost empty.

The pros and cons of a pop-store, the new trend of the moment

Nowadays, many brands prefer to rely on pop-up stores, since they enable them to enhance their products. French people adore pop-stores: it is a perfect reason to create one! The other bonus of a pop-up store is the price of the rent. It is less important than a permanent store since, sometimes, a temporary shop stays less than a month in the same place. Besides, if you don’t own a store and your product is only available online, it is a great occasion to meet your customers face to face.

But as for the permanent shop, the pop-up store also presents some disadvantages. In fact, it is a real challenge to create one. The success of your temporary store will depend on how you organize it. So why don’t you hire a professional to help you?

Hiring an event agency like Make it Happen is a great way of organizing your pop-store. It also gives you the opportunity to follow this new trend that attracts more and more French customers.

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