PoggyBox, a stylish Japanese man’s amazing pop-up store


Japanese influencer Motofumi Kogi, aka Poggy, “pops up” with his amazing pop-up mobile store wherever fashion demands it. It’s quite a unique ephemeral store as it’s contained in a large made to measure trunk and includes a personal mix of Japanese brands, the root of his eccentric and quirky style.

PoggyBox, a pop-up trunk with amazing aspects

PoggyBox is an array of Poggy’s wardrobe, a capsule collection of custom-made suits, streetwear-fitted jeans, jewelery made from recycled materials, and golf caps that look as if straight out of Sherlock Holmes’ wardrobe. By collaborating with young Japanese designers, Poggy wants to provide them the visibility they lack.

A pop-up store to make a name for Japanese brands internationally

Jury member during the Tokyo Fashion Week, Poggy wants to take advantage of his position to promote new talent. He would also like to develop new partnerships to promote them internationally. In order to exist in the global fashion arena, Japanese brands need to overcome certain disadvantages, related to the language and cultural barriers of the country of the Rising Sun. Travelling with his funny PoggyBox to paces other than Japan could be a way for the influencer to jump through these hurdles and put Japanese fashion on the map.

Poggy, influencer and mega-star in Japan

Although still hardly known abroad, this forty-year-old with a carefully studied look is a mega-star in his country. His Instagram account Poggy the Man is followed by some 125,000 subscribers, who study and copy each of his outfits, mixing the classicism of custom-made suits with streetwear pieces and off-beat hats. After fashion studies in Sapporo, his hometown, the influencer began his career as a sales assistant at United Arrows, the equivalent of the late Parisian concept-store Colette. He then moved to Tokyo’s head office, where he is now the Creative Director.

Poggy style, style made of surprising mixes

Poggy likes to surprise with his unique looks. His recipe: mixing styles that, at first glance, aren’t made to match. By mixing both luxury and streetwear, the influencer wants to reduce the distance between the brands of these two worlds in Japan. The customers are won over by the immense talent of persuation that the influencer seems to have. With a simple hashtag on Instagram, he has the ability to change the fate of any up and coming brand by turning it into a trendy must have!

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