The Atelier Richelieu, Tranoï event of the season

Atelier Richelieu - Tranoi

During the next Paris Fashion Week, Tranoï will be organizing a new event. It’s about providing a space dedicated to the organization of international multi-brand showrooms, located at the Atelier Richelieu in the 2nd arrondissement. The event will take place from September 28th to October 3rd, 2018 and is a new element to Tranoï Week, a showroom dedicated to creators, and the traditional Tranoï show.

The Tranoï Richelieu will take place in a townhouse in the heart of Paris

The Tranoï Richelieu will be held in a townhouse of the 2nd arrondissement, the Atelier Richelieu, a 700 m2 area, located at 60 rue de Richelieu, not far from the Palais de la Bourse, the usual venue for the Tranoï Show. This new multi-brand showroom will be held twice a year, in September and March.

Tranoï Richelieu, a response to international brands’ demand

According to the organizers of the show, providing a new space dedicated to multi-brand showrooms, was a necessity in order to meet the need of international brands wishing more exposure for their designers. The Atelier Richelieu is spacious enough to provide a comfortable area for the showrooms, and located near the Tranoï show, which will take place from September 28th to October 1st at the Palais de la Bourse.

Tranoï Richelieu, the hubbub of a huge multi-brand showroom

The Tranoï Richelieu is obviously a beautiful venue, but its dimensions make it a place where showrooms with contrasting worlds and different brand positionning will have to rub shoulders. The risk is scrambling their message by directly confronting them with somewhat clashing identities. Buyers, meanwhile, risk losing the thread of a labyrinth, made difficult to read and incoherent by the amalgam of brands with multiple footprints.

Parisian venue rentals designed to highlight brands

Multi-brand showrooms must present brands with similar worlds, helping to enhance their image, allowing them to work on their storytelling and offering them excellent visibility with the clientele, which evolves in a coherent way, especially favouring cross selling.

Make It Happen, the organization of multi-brand showrooms in the Marais

The organization of multi-brand showrooms is at the heart of Make It Happen’s skills since its creation. We provide organizers, venues perfectly measured to highlight each brand, designed as a showcase respectful of their own identity. This is how we welcomed the Japanese multi-brand showroom DEJIMA during last Fashion Week, in our beautiful gallery of the Marais, rue Pastourelle. The event benefited from excellent exposure within a neighbourhood transformed into a meeting and exchange place for influential fashion players, for a whole week.

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